About Me

    HI, My name is Danielle L Church, but I go by DANO!

I’m a Photographer by day and an ER nurse by Night.  I love caring for my clients, whether that be by saving their precious moments during the good times, or possibly saving their lives during the bad times.

I’ve always loved to take pictures & freeze life’s magical moments.  It’s my crazy clicking addiction!  And I just can’t help but look for a new and fun way to capture a moment.

I started in Miami, when my Optometrist husband gave me an SLR camera for Graduation!  Little did he know, he’d be posing every other second.  The rest is history, my passion for photography, just continues to grow.

Let me capture your dazzling life’s journey, whether it be your Families, Couples, Bridals, Maternity, Children, Pets, Infants, Food, Parties, Etc.  The possibilities are endless.

A PICTURE is more than a piece of paper,  It’s a MEMORY lasting Forever!

P i n t e r e s t