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Freckles and Sparkles

Im TWO… Peace!

Can you believe BCC is TWO. I can NOT.  How time goes too FAST!! Thus, one reason photos and pictures are so important to me.  I love looking back and remembering all the great memories of Brecken through out his 2 years of life.  And I’m excited for our new adventures of a two year old. […]

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This little girl has beautiful skin!  She was radiating in the afternoon light and with her hawaiian luau dress on I almost felt like I was in Hawaii (or maybe it was a sign I need to go to Hawaii soon). Either way, I had a fabulous time with this little 2 year old ball […]

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Valentines are so special.   I love how these little Valentines turned out, with quotes, kisses, and smiles!  If you are in need of Valentines next year… or even next month!  Please let me know!  This was one of my favorite shoots… but then again… they all are 😀

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BCC 6 Months

Everyone says, “it goes so fast… it goes too fast…enjoy every minute…” They really meant it!!!!  It does just FLY by, and before you know it… my little boy is already 6 months.  Where does time go?  Anyways, I absolutely  LOVE these pictures.  Granted, he is my favorite little man, and they were taken in […]

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My Little Man

Wow!  3 months old already.  Time seriously is flying by!!!  If anyone knows how to make it stop… please let me know.  I love this little man.  So Happy, and full of LIFE!  His new 3 month old tricks consist of rolling over (k maybe only a once or twice), following his toys with his […]

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