Baby #2

I can’t believe I’m Pregnant…. again…. and I’m 38 weeks along.

WOW!!! I better start getting prepared!

For me, taking pictures of myself… and having my assistant (aka fabulous husband) take them of me… is always hard.  It’s not easy being on the other side of the lens, not seeing with my own eyes, I always get nervous to see them.  But, in the end I’m always so glad that we took the time to go take them.  When I look back… I have no regrets!!!   Enjoy.

Im TWO… Peace!

Can you believe BCC is TWO.

I can NOT.  How time goes too FAST!!

Thus, one reason photos and pictures are so important to me.  I love looking back and remembering all the great memories of Brecken through out his 2 years of life.  And I’m excited for our new adventures of a two year old.  He’s TWO… PEACE.

Style Exclusive

What a fun portrait session.  Let me just tell you, It’s a random story how I found my hair dresser/stylist…. but I’ve absolutely loved getting to know her, and I always love getting my hair done by her.  So, when she needed portraits for her business card and website I was excited to take some for her.  It was great being in her cozy studio not getting my hair done… but chatting and having her be the center of attention.  If you want her information, I’d love to share… she is FABULOUS!!!

Teichert Wedding

Love these two… (and not just because she’s my darling cousin… well maybe).  They are one fabulous looking couple…and that makes for fabulously stunning photos.  It was so fun taking photos of them after they got married around the SLC temple (well it was for myself…. I’m not so sure about the groom ha ha).  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did going back through them!!!

Story Family

Well again, another wet rainy day on Whidbey Island… But does that stop us… NO!   We just waited it out a bit… we lost a bit of sunshine… but, still ended with a fabulous shoot…. and a clear dock.  Again at Coupeville…  one of my favorite little piers.  As you can see perfect for casual, or dressy settings.  Also, I loved working with this family as well.  I teach their little girl in my primary class… and it was fun to see her out with the family and interacting with her brother.  

Taylor Family

I love working with this family… and it was great seeing their family one year older.  It’s amazing how quick kids grow.  We of course were worried about rain here on Whidbey Island…. But, we happened to have the Perfect Window.  Also, I absolutely LOVE Coupeville!  It is such a great location.  It was free of tourist due to the rain, and it is just such a quaint little down-town.  Perfect for this family photo shoot.  See for yourself!

Lorber Family

What a fun family to photograph.  With two little blond haired kids, curls, dogs, in-laws, oh and NO rain… it was perfect.  It rained the whole morning, all the way as I drove to their home, but the moment I got out to start setting up… the sun started shining through the clouds, and the rain stopped.  (funny how it started right back up almost right as I was leaving). It was meant to be that this family had some family photos taken of them 😀  I love their location, it was all just perfection.

Carla & Family

What a pleasure it was working with Carla… not only in the ER… but also during this Photo shoot!  We are going to miss you when you take off on your new journey!   However, what a great location to capture some last family photos.  Deception Pass, such an iconic spot for our little Whidbey Island, and I LOVE it.  I also love their little girl, she has some of the best faces in these photos.  Enjoy

Ryan S.

Well, Ryan is One Year older… Wiser too… and like his parents have said…. a foot or two taller.  It was quite an adventure taking photographs at the location we picked.  Makes for some great stories and memories… The things we do for awesome locations, and great old barns!   Love all these photographs of Ryan!

Austin & Cassie

Wow, this shoot was almost impossible to edit!!!  I LOVED about every picture and had the hardest time picking my favorites.  But who can complain… we have the salt flats, perfect lighting, a great vintage couch from my grandma, my brother (ha ha), and his beautiful new bride… who I might add look FABULOUS TOGETHER!!!   What did you expect… that all made for a perfect shoot!  ENJOY

Tiny Charolette

I absolutely love working with newborns.  It’s such a treasure to be allowed to enter into a families excitement of bringing a newborn home and welcoming them with so much love.  That is one reason I truly love doing newborn shoots.  You can just see happiness emulated from each family member… well except for maybe the 3 year olds… their territory just got taken over.   But, I still love every moment of it.  Thanks for letting me capture your sweet moments.

I Can’t Pick just One!

Oh My Shannon Should be a Model!  She’s tall and oh so lean… even at 7 1/2 months pregnant!!!  I loved spending time with her and her husband.  They were so tender with each other, and excited for their new one to arrive.  I can’t wait for them.  I could hardly wait to get these pictures to them.  They are just gorgeous… and I couldn’t pick just ONE!  Enjoy! 

Clemens Family

The Clemens Family… What a joy to work for.  And we sure lucked out this day… (our prayers were answered)… it was supposed to pour all day.  Luckily for us, no rain, just great light and high cloud coverage (which actually makes for beautiful pictures).  Just take a look for yourself.  This family is darling, and their little boys were great to work with.  And I loved their vests.  The older brother looks like he could be at Harvard already!


This little girl has beautiful skin!  She was radiating in the afternoon light and with her hawaiian luau dress on I almost felt like I was in Hawaii (or maybe it was a sign I need to go to Hawaii soon). Either way, I had a fabulous time with this little 2 year old ball of energy!

Sweet Ana

What a special treat to photograph Rob and Nichole’s sweet new addition, along with their darling little 2 year old.  It was great getting to know each one of them a little bit better.  They all love their new addition very much, take a look for yourself… they are so tender with sweet little Ana and now make a perfect family of four.  CONGRATS!

Lucy Marie

As sweet as can be… just like her name suggests!   Newborn photo shoots hold such a precious place in my heart.  Everyone is just as excited as ever, everything is tiny and sweet, and the love that radiates from the infant and the family is contagious!  I love every minute of my profession… photographer… a mom… and a nurse!   


Valentines are so special.   I love how these little Valentines turned out, with quotes, kisses, and smiles!  If you are in need of Valentines next year… or even next month!  Please let me know!  This was one of my favorite shoots… but then again… they all are 😀

Angela & Anthony

I love Christmas time.  It’s bright, festive, cheery and joyful.  How can your Christmas pictures not brighten someones day when you are standing by a huge drift-wood JOY sign?  This shoot was amazing.  I love how the fog came alive in the pictures and made everything look so cozy.  Makes me want a cup of hot cocoa right now.  Go grab a cup, then sit back and enjoy this cute couple.

Muncelle’s Newborn

I absolutely Love LOVE Newborns.  They are tiny, pure, clean, and oh so precious! What’s not to love.  This was one of my most favorite sessions though.  This family had the perfect quaint house, set in quaint Anacortes, WA, and such sweet little girls.  It was a joy to capture their precious little moments together.

Lay Family

What a sweet family to work with.  All their kids were so excited, and helpful; we really had a great time taking these photos.  By the end, there were so many photographs that I loved, I could have never chosen just one to print… or two… or…. well you know.  I want them all!  ENJOY

Trujillo PERU… Watch out!

I can’t believe, my little sister is leaving for Peru in about ONE DAY!!!   AAAaahhhhhh!   What are we to do without her spunk and fun personality.  She is going to serve an 18 month mission for our church and we are so excited for her, but going to miss her dearly.  However, I was super excited to spend some time with her and take some great going away-mission pictures.  She is BEAUTIFUL on the outside, but even more beautiful on the INSIDE.  LOVE YOU!

Brecken Crew

Okay, Okay… I know it’s July already… and Brecken is 5 months old!  YES 5 MONTHS!  It’s about time I put his newborn pictures up!  Since he has been born, time has gone by triple the speed.  I know, I know NO EXCUSES… But I seem to have been so busy.  And when you are your own client, I just got put on the back-burner.  Anyways, I still just absolutely Love Love LOVE them.  But, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE him even more!  ENJOY a little piece of our World!

Sweetest little Man!

I just can’t get over how Sweet this little man is.  His piercing blue eyes, soft kissable cheeks, pink tinted lips, add in his argyle vest, matching shirt and shoes…He’s the whole package!!!  Ready to go out on the town with mama!  But wait, as if that’s not enough this sweet little guy was so fun at the beach.  With his bucket and shovel in hand, he was ready to discover the world.  I just can’t get enough.   He’s going to be a heart breaker one day!

Introducing… My FAMILY!

Wow, this was quite the experience.  I knew it would come eventually, that we would ALL be together… and I’d be taking the PICTURES!  It was a different photographer experience that’s for sure; there was definitely a lot more running back and forth checking things out.  Yet, I LOVED IT!  And I LOVE THEM!  The most BEAUTIFUL FAMILY Ever… well, I guess I’m a little  bias!!!

Oh also, one of the best parts about this shoot was that it took place in the SACRED GROVE, New York.  What an amazing Place to be with my Family!  

Retro Romper to Beach Babe… this little sweetheart does it All!

I can’t tell you enough how much I ADORE sweet Addy!  She is so playful, and rich with personality!   We had an amazing Photo Shoot down in Miami… with 4 complete outfits, and Addy’s 2 tooth filled smile what’s not to love!  She is one of my favorite little models: a PERFECT combo, blue eyes and dark hair!  She’s going to be a heart-crusher one day that’s for sure!

Sweet Camila B.

This little strawberry blond… was quite wiggly… throughout the whole photo shoot!  I just know she is going to have a spunky personality as she grows up!  However, I still loved working with her.  I love new born photos (they might even be my favorite… shhh!).  Their tiny toes, tiny nose, tiny shoes, and tiny bows!  Everything tiny is just beautiful!  I also absolutely love all these photos, and I hope you love them as well.  Enjoy!

Kenlee Jo… I could eat her up!

My darling niece has the spunkiest personality!   She was hilarious the whole time I was around her.  Saying the funniest things, doing the cutest things.  I had a blast with her all weekend long.  And lucky for me, we were able to get a photo shoot in.  It was a rough ride there for a little bit; but with some mini M&M’s from mom, we got some great staged shots and spectacular Candid photos.

I love her energy.  I love how tender she holds the sea shells and examines them with real curiosity.  I love her many faces.   Can you tell… I  just love her, and miss her, and can’t wait to see her again!  Enjoy!

Babies are so SWEET! Esp little Carly May Ball!

I was so happy to take pictures for my really good nursing friend Chelsey.  Her house and outside had the perfect atmosphere: a classic, antique-vintage feel, with great wooden framed windows and perfect lighting.  There was so much to work with my mind was going crazy.  It was also so fantastic to have my husband there to watch me do what I LOVE… and help carry all my stuff.  Thank goodness for husbands!

Carly was so great throughout the whole shoot too.  She made a perfect one month old model.  However, by the end I could tell that she was worn out!   You can tell too… take a look at the last picture.  It makes me crack a smile every time!  If she was a bit older… she might have thrown that punch!

Bellies and Cup Cakes… need I say more?

What a FANTASTIC shoot.  I know my Ari friend stressed for weeks about this day, but what a success.  The pictures are just BEAUTIFUL.  With a fun family, cute little brother, great supporting spouse and cup-cakes… who can go wrong.  I love this little orchard in Davie, it was the perfect setting to take maternity pictures.

Christmas with Baby A!

Oh how I love this little girl!  So precious!  She has such a sweet face, with the cutes smile and blue blue eyes!  You don’t have to edit to get the sparkle in her blue eyes!  She makes the perfect little model.  At 5 months old, she is just learning to sit up so it was quite tricky catching those precious  moments… But, I’m not going to lie… we got beautiful ones!  Merry Christmas, from Baby A!


My first puppy photo-shoot!  Lot’s of running around, licks and kisses!  Luna is a sweet puppy, with high energy and lots of attitude!  Her many out-fit changes shows of her fun-loving personality! Enjoy!

Our Babies Room.

Small Spaces on a budget!

Welcome to our sweet new arrivals room.  There are always some extra little to do’s… but for now I’m glad I got this far before she was born.

Coral and Gold… I have never been a Gold girl!   However, I can’t seem to get enough of the little gold accents in our little girls room.  The colors mesh perfectly, are soft, girly… yet not Pink!  I love it and hope you do as well.

We had a very small space to work with.  Actually this is our Guest bedroom, and the end of it we turned into her bedroom (being that there are only a few times out of the year that we have guests… and those times we can have her in our room). We wanted our kids rooms separated for the first year while they go through so many sleep changes.

Because we had such a small space to work with, we wanted only the necessities that a baby room needed.  A crib, a changing table (small), and my favorite Rocking chair.  In my sons room I loved using a normal dresser for the changing table, that way is had more than one purposes… but for this little one, we didn’t have man options that would fit in this small space.

Being that we are renting, we didn’t want to re-paint… and that shelf just happened to already be on the wall… so we made it work.

Also, most of the items were either free, thrifted or DIY.

I made: the bedsheets, a great way to get exactly the look you want and usually better quality at a better price. I also made the wooden hello sign.  I absolutely love these simple boards.  They cost about $6 for wood and hardware and I can switch out any paper clippings, photos or sayings all year long.  The other wooden vase board I also made.  Also $5… or less if you already have the glass like i did… I believe it was an old McCormick  jar, washed, rinsed and turned into a vase.  (lately I’ve been into using any type of glass bottle or jar to decorate with). The tulip flower jar is an old baby food jar. After a walk on our Whidbey Island Beach, I collected drift wood and made a driftwood ladder to hold all of her blankets- I loved this projects and I love displaying her blankets…. it just barely fits in the room… but I had to keep it and make it work after I made it. It was easy-peasy…. match your drift wood up at the beach, bring it home, and tie it together (I however did nail the pieces together just for extra stability).

Thrifted/garage sale items: The cirb (my husband called and said he found a crib but didn’t know if I’d like it… however, it happened to be almost exactly the look I was going for, small vintage spindles, neutral brown, and only $5.  It was from grandparents that rarely used it… and was a steal of a deal.  Maybe one day I’ll paint it).  The chalk board frame (I had Home Depot-my favorite store- cut a thin board to fit the frame, then painted black chalkboard paint on it), the alpaca dream catcher, clipboard (in free garage sale pile), and the other gold frames we all garage sale finds.  The gold leaf was made by my friend for our baby shower (I kept one and placed it in the thrifted frame).

Additions to come: a wood burned quote sign, and a baby mobile (a gold bird, drift wood and pom poms or something to that extent). Put pictures in frames.

It’s always nice to finish projects and have things done.  This space was sure tiny to work with… but I feel that with what we had we made it work perfect.  I love being in that room and rocking in my favorite rocker!   Especially with my new little one.  It is a perfect space for her and us.  It’s light, airy, whimsical, woodsy, girly,and fresh… all in one!

I hope you enjoyed our little tour.

P i n t e r e s t